Our Technology Integration Model: TIT

In this chapter, you can find the flowchart of Technology Integration Model prepared by Elif Şengün, Halil İbrahim Mali and Gamze Buket Süsal. Our model is named as Technology Integration for Teachers (or abbreviated TIT).


Technology has a crucial role in education. However, teachers can face with some difficulties in terms of ICT integration in schools. As a result of this, we prepare this model to assist both teachers and student teachers to increase the effectiveness of use of technology in schools. 

In our model, we base on management, professional development and maintenance and support, because we believe that these are important factors, which affect integration and decrease the effectiveness, when the key points are not taken into consideration. These key points can be described as:
  • Policies of the schools in terms of integration 
  • Planning the integration process and disciplines
  • Financial issues of the schools
  • Sufficiency of equipments and infrastructure
  • Opportunities of the teachers to professional development
  • Support for the tech

When these are kept in view, we should need to have iteration among management, maintenance and support; and professional development. . As a result of these, firstly, we need to manage integration in order to:

  1. base on school policies, which should be allowed for integration. 
  2. the budget of the school for providing sufficient software and hardware in schools is required for technology integration.
  3. sufficient equipments should be provided in schools.

Secondly, we need to maintenance and support for integration. At that point, technical support and opportunity to education (training support) for teachers. However, this education cannot be sufficient to make technology integration effectively. Therefore, teachers should need to develop themselves at any where and any time. We can consider it as professional development.